Membership EERA

Membership of EERA is open to European based companies that prepare for reuse, treat and reprocess waste electronic and electrical equipment - WEEE. There are 2 categories of membership: Full and Associate. Full membership is open to all recycling and reprocessing companies that treat different types of WEEE. Associate membership is open to reuse companies or companies that treat one specific substream of WEEE.

The EERA membership benefits are:

  • Regular updates on EU and EC level activities regarding WEEE. The adoptations of the WEEE Directive and the transposition into national law.
  • Updates on the implementation of the monitoring and reporting rules for WEEE treatment.
  • Recipient of publications, documentation and research results, which are relevant for the WEEE recycling industry.
  • Making views heard to relevant stakeholders in the WEEE recycling chain.
  • Participation in regular international meetings of members and working groups.
  • Full support of EERA's professional secretariat.

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