EERA letter to European Commission COVID- 19 pandemic

27 March 2020  -  events
27th March 2020 The European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA) wish to express that the industry associated with the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) requires greater recognition by the European Union and competent authorities during this crisis period emerging from the global COVID-19 pandemic. EERA calls on the European Union and competent authorities fr...


25 March 2020  -  events
CEWASTE WILL EXPLORE WHETHER STANDARDS & CERTIFICATION SYSTEMS CAN BE A TOOL TO IMPROVE RECOVERY OF CRMS   A resource efficient circular economy means that we need to recover more critical raw materials (CRM), such as Antimony, Beryllium or Cobalt, that industries in Europe require to manufacture modern technological products and also everyday appliances and clean and energy efficient applica...

EC- New circular economy action plan

11 March 2020  -  events
Today, March 11,  there was a press release from the European Commission: Changing how we produce and consume: new circular economy action plan shows the way to a climate neutral, competitive economy of empowered consumers Today, the European Commission adopted a new Circular Economy Action Plan - one of the main building bloc...

86th EERA meeting & IERC Salzburg 2020

24 January 2020  -  events
   Large Turnout for 86th EERA meeting in Salzburg   The 86th meeting of the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA) took place in Salzburg on January 21st, with a large member turnout, in advance of the 19th International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC) A new EERA member from Serbia and a prospect from Poland were welcomed. The main focus point...

iERC 2020

07 January 2020  -  events
The 19th International Electronics Recycling Congress, which takes place from January 21 – 24, 2020 in beautiful Salzburg is only two weeks left. Hopefully we will meet our members druring the 86th EERA meeting the day before  and at the conference. The WEEE experts at the Congress will discuss the latest recycling technologies, regulations, manufacturing processes and value of raw materials. ...