EERA Position on Plastics

02 June 2022  -  General
EERA is asking for the barriers and burdens that currently hinder the smooth circulation of secondary raw materials to be relaxed within the Union. We urge MEPs and other stakeholders to consider the unintended consequences for taking the thresholds for PBDEs/BFRs below 500 ppm.  Click here to see a copy.

Joint Position Statement on proposed amendments to WSR

01 June 2022  -  events
EERA and the European Battery Recyclers Association (EBRA) have sent a Joint Position Statement to the Members of the European Parliament, and European Commission in respect of the recent amendments put forward by the European Parliament.

Improving the loops of plastics in electronics

02 February 2022  -  events
During the IERC 2022 conference in Salzburg from 18 – 21 January, BSEF organized a workshop about WEEE plastics, consisting of a block with presentations and a block consisting of a discussion round table and it was agreed that EERA would write a summary of the notes and propositions made during this BSEF workshop, to be published on the EERA and BSEF websites. These notes, summarizing the key ...

NSRR Fast Track Report January 2022

29 January 2022  -  events
The use of waste material as a secondary resource is one of the first actions that businesses could consider to improve both their economic and their environmental performance. Value chains are often cross border in nature and thus they require transboundary shipment of secondary resources. However, businesses perceive barriers in transborder shipment of waste and secondary resources. Many barr...

Towards an EU WEEE Regulation - The position of EERA

19 January 2022  -  events
In light of the flurry of initiatives being developed by the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan to bolster circularity and sustainability, the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA) wishes to put forth a series of recommendations for a review of the current WEEE Directive from the perspective of specialized European recyclers’ first-hand experiences in the management of WEEE. EERA is ...